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    A  great place for your child to spend the day learning and playing...!!!

​I highly recommend Ana's daycare/school. She provided wonderful care to both of my sons at very early ages. Both of my sons were about 3 months old when they started in her care. Ana really takes pride in her business and truly cares about the children in her care. She makes sure the hire caregivers that truly care for the children but also put the same effort each day as she does into the service that they provide families. We miss Ana and her daycare! It was truly my children's other home and moms! Any company can provide you with a curriculum, a check list and a schedule for the day – with Ana you will see that the difference is SHE CARES. I have always been able to talk to Ana about concerns that I have for my kids – whether it was behavioral or academic. I still contact her with questions or concerns! Ana sits with each child and teaches them about shapes- colors – letters – you name it. Her curriculum is outstanding! I wish we could have kept our youngest son in her program – I feel at his new school he does not get anywhere near the education (behavioral and academic) that my older son was fully able to take advantage of at Ana's! My oldest was at Ana's from the time he was 3 months old until he almost 5! My son learned to read at 3. Ana really works with the kids and understands them as individuals and therefore understands what their challenges are and how they learn best. My oldest son, almost 7 now, has been selected for advanced level course work. I give the credit to Ana – not only did she take the time out to come up with a curriculum for the kids and teach them but she also made it FUN. My oldest son LOVES learning and I credit Ana and her team for that. I only wish we hadn't moved! I would have my youngest still attending her program!

Ana offers an amazing deal for the services she offers families! Her and her staff were amazing with my challenges with potty training my oldest son – as well as some behavioral issues we encountered with emotions. Ana is very knowledgeable re children and families and cares deeply for the children in her care. You will not find this combination at any other school very easily. I highly recommend Ana and her staff – our family misses them very much!
Marilani Alt

We are really happy with the care that we have received for our daughter at Baby Home Daycare! We found Ana on the internet, and picked her because she seemed so nurturing, patient, and experienced when we met with her. Also, her backyard play area is HUGE and shaded and full of wonderful toys =). 

Our little one was first enrolled at 4.5 months, and as first time mom I was a bit nervous to leave her. Ana invited us to do a practice day the week before, and drop her off for a few hours, which was really good for me (our daughter adjusted perfectly-- I needn't have worried). What impressed me most of all right from the beginning about Ana's staff was how attentive and engaged they all were. I tend to drop off and pick up my daughter at off-times, and it is always so reassuring to come in and see the assistants so engaged in playing and interacting with the kids. I can't think of a single time when I've arrived and there was a baby crying by themselves. They do a great job of rotating the little ones between the floor, bouncy seats, and arms. At playground time, the babies all go outside too, in chairs, swings, and strollers. As our daughter transitioned to eating solids, Ana did a great job of keeping us posted about what she was trying, and how she was eating. Provided meals are home cooked every day (the kitchen smells amazing in the morning), and Ana was extremely conscientious about our daughter's bottles (both breast milk and formula) back when she was still doing those, keeping us informed about how much she was drinking, etc.

Ana's assistants are uniformly fantastic. While we have seen them change periodically over the past two years, our daughter has developed great relationships with all of them. Linda is a treasure. As a teacher myself, I know a lot of people who work with kids for a living, and she is one of the few I have met who is truly *magic* with little ones.

Now that our daughter is older, I've been really impressed with the programming that Ana plans. Besides the mountains of art projects that the kids do on a daily basis, they also routinely do "cooking", have group exercise time, story time, and do a lot of dancing and singing. Summers are the best, when frequent "water days" fill the yard with splash pools and inflatable slides. One of my favorite indicators that our daughter has had a busy, exciting day is that her play clothes come home dirty (and sometimes covered with sparkles) every day from all of the playing she does. She knows tons of songs, can count in both English and Spanish, and is incredibly well-adjusted with other children thanks to daycare. 

Every morning, our daughter RUNS (not walks) down the sidewalk to get to the door to Ana's! We feel really, really lucky to have found Ana, and our daughter is unquestionably thriving in her care.
​Alexandra Workman.

Ana is an outstanding child-care provider. The health and safety of the children in her care is a top priority. The daycare is very clean and provides safe, open areas for children to play.  Ana communicates with parents on a regular basis about the health and nutrition of their parents. The daily routine meet the needs of all the children in her care. The children participate in group and individual activities as well as having opportunities for free playing outdoors. The children in Ana's care feel safe, respected and well cared for. Another one of Ana's strengths is her dedication to communicating with the families to ensure the child is having the best experience possible. Ana is a dedicated professional who uses her knowledge of child development and professional conduct to make appropriate decisions about her day care.

Thank you so much for all the love and care you give to Madison.  We really appreciate everything that you do. 
Amy Miller

Haven is our little  "Sweet Pea"  Thank You for taking great care of her..!!
Brenda Walls

Dear Ana,  we feel very blessed that God led us to you when we were seeking day care for Aiden, our most precious, little boy.  It's obvious you love what you do and you are the best...!!
Aiden loves his Ana, too..!! Thank you for taking such great care of him each day.

Warmest Regards,
Bill+Amy White

I  feel like I could write a novel about how much we appreciate Ana ...so I will try to make it brief.!  Our son Tommy has been going to this Day care since September 2008 when he was 6 month old. Now at 19 months I can barely get him to leave Ana in the evening.

As a first time mom I was VERY nervous leaving my baby with someone else. Ana took care of that fear.  I soon noticed that they treat each child as if he or she was their own.  The kids are loved, hugged, entertained and taught so many great things. Ana make it easy on the parents too.... we get detailed daily reports and advice on dealing with anything from behaviors to development and milestones. 

They know just when  to introduce the kids to different food, toys routines an taught material, according to their development. I am forever in debt to Ana for the wonderful care their have taken of Tommy.

Our daughter Stella has been at Ana's  Day Care since she was eight weeks old. Ana  have helped her grow into the happy little toddler she is today. When we are at work we have piece of mind that she is being loved and taken care of. Anyone who walk into Ana's Day Care and sees the smile on little Stela's face knows what a wonderful time she has every day with Ana and all of her friends. The daycare helps her socialize and feel comfortable around another children. I know her confidence and happy demeanor come from fun filled days of play.
Terri Stewart & Dan Michelitch

We are happy with our experience at Baby Home Day Care. Our son received good care and fun, full of learning experiences. After comparing many daycare providers in DC/VA area we decided Ana's Day Care was the best choice for our son. Ana have established a warm program for children at a very affordable price. Our son has made wonderfully progress and  has established a strong relationship with the other children and the staff.  We are happy with our overall decision with choosing Baby Home Day Care , making it hard to say goodbye.
Agnlesaka Graelcayk  & Deriek Brown

Our son, Jake, has been going to Baby Home Day Care  for 2 1/2 years. Sin he was 8 month old. As soon as we met Ana we knew it was the right place for Jake. Ana provides a clean, nurturing & fun learning environment for the kids. Jake is always happy to go to daycare.... and always having fun when we pick him up.  He loves Ana very much, he talks about them and all his friends at daycare all the time.  They are like family to him.

We also appreciate Jake being in a bi-lingual environment.  He is developing language skills in both English and Spanish.

We have been very happy with our experience at Ana's Day Care and look forward to our newborn son, Drew, starting there in January.

Karl & Dorie Hickson.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent care  you have given to our daughter Audrey over the past year. Your dedication to child development is clear, but we especially appreciate the warmth and attention you gave her and the diligence with which you adhered to her strict dietary needs. You gave us complete peace of mind.

Thank you!

Holly& Ryan Kendrick and ( Audrey- "Frecita")

We enrolled our Child Sasu in Ana's Day Care when he was 18months old. Our son had stayed at home for a year and then transferred to a horrible Day Care Facility from 12-18 months. When we found BABY HOME DAY CARE we immediately relieved & thankful we had found this facility. This child care provides all the love and care children deserve and crave while also providing quality age appropriate curriculum. Our son has gone through some behavioral and eating difficulties due to sleep apnea. Ana and her staff have worked side by side whit us while we worked through these issues.  Ana's Day Care is very much in line with care for our child and discipline (lots of discussion about expected behavior, healthy eating, etc) About all they provide a fun and enthusiastic environment for children ( art, learning activities, puppet shows, b-day and holiday parties. We truly feel blessed to have Ana's Day Care  in our son's life. It has truly been a pleasure each weekday to see our son grow in skill and character as a result of  Ana and her staff being a part of Sasu's life...!!!
Sarah Akolor & Doss Akolor

Thank you Ana and all the other staff members for providing a kind, love and nurturing environment for Tyler. When Tyler fist came to your day care at Twenty-five months he was not eating ANY SOLID FOODS. Thankfully, through your unyielding efforts love and care he started eating a variety of food and has become quite sociable and interactive with his peers.  My husband and I are eternally grateful that you are a part of his life.

Thank You.
Melvin & Sharon Foreman

It took us 8 months and 3 other daycares before we found Ana.  While the others we are "okay" at "Baby Home Day Care"  we felt at home.  The love and care they give Keegan is truly a blessing. knowing that he is cared for each day as if he were their own  make us leaving him as easy as it can be. The nurturing, learning + socialization at "Ana's Day Care" is top of the line. He is a better eater, a better listener, all around a happier child when he is there. We also love the bilingual skills he is learning, they are amazing. We truly appreciate all the girls and that they do for our family. It is more than we could have ever asked for.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Christ, Mary + Keegan Wille (18months)

P.S: This is the luckiest daycare you will ever get into...!!!

The search for a daycare for our son, Aiden, ended when we met Ana and the staff at " Baby Home Day Care" . We took Aiden as an infant but what impressed both of us  was how the toddler's were treated and how they in turn treated Ana and the staff, with love, caring and respect. Aiden is one year old now and we love he smiles when he see's everyone in the morning and how much he has developed while being cared for by Ana and her staff. We both leave Aiden knowing that he es cared for like he was one of their own. A parent can ask for no more. We are fortunate that Ana's Day Care  is a part of Aiden's life and we are absolutely sure he feels the same way. Ana and staff thank you for everytning you have done and will continue to do.
Love, Paul, Mira and Aiden  Marseilles.

How do you thank someone for loving your child? my son, Johnny started going to Ana's  Day Care  when he was 4 months old. As a first-time mom, it makes me so happy to see my little boy light up when I walk him through the door every morning, and he is all smiles when I pick him up. I know that I can go to work with complete peace of mind knowing he is getting the best care possible. The nutritious meals, structured environment, and fun, educational activities are wonderful, and I know that he es learning so much about have himself and the world around him. I have a 10 months old who is happy all the time and wants to explore everything! I love the daily updates on everything he did for the day. Ana and her staff are professional, educated, dedicated, caring, and supportive, but most of all they are loving.  "Ana's Day Care"  is a home-away-from-home for Johnny and I couldn't ask for more.

Thank you for all that you do for my baby boy!!  You all have helped shape him into who is today, and he adores all of you!!


We are so glad we found this daycare! We highly recommend it!
My husband and I were looking for the right one for a long time. They take such good care of our son. We felt right away on the very first time we looked at the place.  
How sincere and caring Ana (the owner) was with us, the children and her staff,
Our neighbor told us about this place, since her child is also at the daycare - we thought we would take a look at it, and we felt this was the right place.  

Baby home daycare really emphasize in nutrition, love and learning. My son is always happy there, he eats 6 times a day and we don't have to pack any food for him. It's a great help for the both of us that work and have limited time to cook. Our son eats really healthy food and snacks and they cook every day at the daycare! Amazing, right?!

The staff - all of them are fantastic! The ladies are so friendly and sweet. They always use uniforms, all are very polite and they always have a big smile on their faces. Anytime I get there they are always very nice with all the children. One of the staff comes to our house once in a while when we need a sitter. She's our favorite!  

They have a lot of fun activities every day, Ana is always sending us pictures and they celebrate everyone's birthday, they know how to party! The place is clean, fun with lots of love. Our son is very happy there, and so are we to have found this place.

Most importantly, we feel he is safe and when we leave our son with them during the day, we know he is in good hands.

Highlights; Open-door policy, price is really reasonable, staff is outstanding, the owner is fantastic and very flexible, clean place, fun activities.

My wife and I were very fortunate to come across Baby Home Daycare. They were fantastic watching our daughter and I would recommend them to any parents.
I am still searching for similar service since relocating to the West coast.

San Diego, CA

​We feel incredibly lucky to have found Ana and Baby Home Daycare. We needed care for our 3-month old son when it was time for me to go back to work. I looked into nearly a dozen other in-home daycares. But when I met with Ana, I knew this was the right place for my son. Ana's program is incredibly professional and focuses on fun learning - even for infants. And it is the little things that made me feel most at ease - each child has a cubby and hook for their coat and hat, she gives me a full written report every day that shows when my son ate and how much, what activities and songs they did and when he took a nap.

Ana and the other staff know that he will learn from watching and being around the older kids, but she has separate areas for the older kids and for the infants with appropriate toys for every age. Yet my infant son is just as much a part of the days activities as the older kids -- participating in holiday parties, meals etc. My son has mild reflux and spits up frequently after his bottle -- Ana ensures he is always clean, sometimes changing his outfit 2 or 3 times a day.  

On our first day, Ana sent photos of our son -- another reassurance for a working mom! -- and something she continues pretty regularly. When we drop our son off and pick him up, he is always smiling and laughing at Ana and her staff. They clearly have a passion for children, and it shows every morning when my son just beams when he sees them.  

One of the other highlights is a huge yard with just about every play toy and slide imaginable. All the kids go outside when the weather is nice -- even the infants -- again something really important to me that our son gets stimulation and fresh air.  

All in all, I am so happy to have Ana and her staff watch my son and would recommend Baby Home Daycare to anyone looking for a safe and loving place for their child to learn and grow!