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Our Program
   A  great place for your child to spend the day learning and playing...!!!
The food your child eats is important to their development so we voluntarily participate in the State Child Care Program which requires us to follow strict USDA dietary guidelines.  This means we plan nutritionally balanced and wholesome foods.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and up to 3 snacks are provided including one hot homemade meal. 

We also accommodate our menu based on the parent’s preferences and the individual child's needs.   Your child will not go hungry.  
Special Activities
Children participate in plenty of play time activities, birthdays, Easter, Halloween and other holiday celebrations.

Each day you will receive a complete daily report that includes activities, meals, nap time, and more so that you are kept updated on how and what your child did that day. 

Young children, as we now know, are building the neural connections for learning from even before birth. The role of positive relationships cannot be over-emphasized as important for the healthy development of children.

Our daycare works hard to stay posted on the most up-to-date teaching methods.  Our program offers a warm, loving, and stimulating environment that focuses on the whole child's development. 

We work with FunShine Express Early Learning Curriculums, and The Early Learning Guidelines of Fairfax County.

Curriculums include: